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Optimizing supply chains to empower women's choices

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Every year, there are 111 million unwanted pregnancies in low and middle income countries.

Meeting all contraceptive needs would prevent 76 million of these unwanted pregnancies every year.

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Families' access to family planning in low- and middle-income countries is low, with about 25% of facilities in sub-Saharan Africa being stocked-out.

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We support countries in improving the procurement and distribution of family planning commodities to meet existing demand.

Allowing women access to the desired family planning commodities leads to:

Empowering women to achieve their reproductive and birth spacing goals, greatly improving autonomy and subjective well-being.

Averting maternal deaths, unsafe abortions, and conditions such as obstetric fistula and postpartum depression.

Economic benefits for the whole family by enabling women to complete their education and join the labour force if they wish, and by lowering health expenses.


We graduated from Charity Entrepreneurship’s Incubation Program in late April 2024, and received a seed grant to start the Access to Medicines Initiative.

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